PR: LIVE! Recap: The Power of Voting

October 16, 2020

ESPC hosted a fantastic group of voting rights experts for our October People’s Review: LIVE! The panel covered everything from the number of absentee ballots already cast in Wyoming in this year’s general election (spoiler alert: 66,715 as of October 15—as compared with a *total* of 62,272 ballots in 2018) to how secure absentee ballots are (spoiler alert: EXTREMELY secure) to how to encourage individuals to get more engaged with our democracy and how to build systems that ensure all eligible voters in Wyoming have access to vote.

Did you talk about how rare fraud is? Yes! We covered that, too! Listen to Chris Merrill address how we need to reframe this conversation. Hint: the question shouldn’t be, as some legislators have suggested, Just who are these people who want to vote? The question should be: How do we make sure eligible Wyomingites are able to vote?

The People’s Review: LIVE! The Power of Voting featured Ricardo Ramírez of the Brennan Center for Justice, Audrey Kline of the National Vote at Home Institute, Susan Simpson of the Wyoming League of Women Voters and ESPC’s executive director, Chris Merrill.

Did you talk about resources for voters, legislators, and advocates? Yes! Check out this list:

And our panelists had a reminder: Check your voter registration, make sure you’re registered, and make a plan to vote. If you plan to vote absentee or early, ESPC recommends doing so by October 20th.

Want to hear the entire illuminating hour—including simple policy changes that Wyoming could be implementing to make voting easier? Here it is, right here:

Be sure to register for the next People’s Review: LIVE! on November 17 at 5 p.m., when we’ll be talking about new research on women in Wyoming.

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