In light of the escalating concern over campaign finance practices impacting Wyoming's elections, the Equality State Policy Center (ESPC) has released a report brief on political campaign spending in the state. 

"Expenditures by political candidates and contributions to their campaigns can have an outsized impact on election outcomes, especially in a state like Wyoming, where races can be won with only a handful of votes," writes Marissa Carpio, Policy Director of ESPC. 

From local legislative campaigns to statewide executive offices, the surge in expenditures underscores the need for robust regulations to safeguard the integrity of the electoral process. Most notably, ESPC's report will emphasize the necessity for legislative scrutiny and enforcement measures.


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The Gender Lens Project is designed to change our policy conversations and improve state-level decision making by emphasizing the contributions of women in the Equality State’s economy and in our local communities.

This project builds on ESPC’s capacity for policy analysis, statewide outreach and delivers original content and sparks new conversations that highlight where women are – and are not – included in key conversations and policy in the Equality State. Check out our reports, partnered with the Wyoming Women's Foundation:

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