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  • Wyoming’s government isn’t always transparent or accessible to the people. Consequently, we use advocacy to support and guide them through the democratic process. We start at the grassroots level by educating, empowering, and mobilizing people to take action on the issues affecting them the most. Effective advocacy provides a platform to elevate and amplify the voices of all people, especially those most underrepresented, to be heard and genuinely considered by our elected officials when they are making decisions. By crafting and influencing public policy in the areas of our vision, we are committed to building a Wyoming that is socially, politically, and economically equitable to all Wyoming’s people.
  • ESPC is proud to host our People’s Review LIVE to help Wyomingites across the state engage with our mission, Wyoming’s government, pressing current events, subject matter experts, and each other.  Register for the upcoming People’s Review LIVE!
  • Watch our previous People's Review LIVE! recordings today


Civic Engagement

  • Are you looking for leadership development? Do you want to hone your message, communicate more effectively, and fundraise like an expert? Do you want some leadership skills that will be useful throughout your professional and volunteer life? Maybe you’re considering working on someone’s campaign in 2023? Or maybe you are looking to make a first-time run for an office of your own! If any of these things sound like you, RUN Wyoming — Equality State Policy Center’s, nonpartisan leadership training — is for you! Stay Tuned for RUN 2023 Information!

The Gender Lens Project

  • The Gender Lens Project is designed to change our policy conversations and improve state-level decision-making by emphasizing the contributions of women in the Equality State’s economy and in our local communities. This project builds on ESPC’s capacity for policy analysis, statewide outreach and delivers original content, and sparks new conversations that highlight where women are – and are not – included in key conversations and policy in the Equality State.
  • Read the latest Wage Gap Report here.
  • A special thanks to our donors and partners for making this work possible.

The Chair Project


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