Unpacking Your Ballot: Learning About Local Candidates

October 21, 2020

League of Women Voters Offers Voter Guides and Candidate Forums

The nonpartisan League of Women Voters of Wyoming, in coordination with its local chapters, has developed a number of helpful resources for learning more about down-ballot candidates and issues in communities around Wyoming.

There are lots of reasons to stay tuned in to down-ballot races when you vote. For most of us, these are elections that have a direct and clear impact on our day-to-day lives.

For example, members of your local school board decide how your kids’ education will unfold. County attorneys and local judges determine how cases, charges, and sentences are handled. City council members allocate funding for roads, sidewalks, and sewers, and determine what growth might look like in your community. Decisions about taxes—whether to add a half penny or a penny to your sales tax, for instance—appear on local ballots and affect whether and how your community can fund essential services.

When we vote in down-ballot races, we often vote for leaders who reflect our lives and values.

But in less prominent races, it’s not always easy to know where local candidates stand on the issues you care about. Check out and share the resources below to learn more about the candidates in your community. (And let us know about resources for other towns and cities—we’re happy to share!)

Albany County

Campbell County

Fremont County

Laramie County

Teton County

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