What Does ESG Have To Do With Wyoming?

Over the summer, the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) approved a new policy that will require the disclosure of ESG principles for a company doing business with our state. In the August SLIB meeting, the Secretary of State and the Board were concerned that the usage of ESG policies would hurt Wyoming by investors excluding its main industries– oil, gas, and coal.

Some Wyoming organizations don’t see it that way.

OP-ED Highlight: Election Reform should not be taken lightly

This year, our Wyoming Legislature introduced more than two dozen election-related bills, nearly 8% of the total number of bills introduced this session. Based on this volume alone, one might presume that the credibility or security of Wyoming’s election system is in doubt.

That presumption would be wrong.

Re-cap SHAPE WY 2023

ESPC hosted our first in-person SHAPE Wyoming grassroots lobbyist training, January 23rd in three years. We were grateful to have activists from every corner of the state join us to learn about advocating, lobbying, and using their stories to affect change.

Even in the Equality State, Women Still Get Paid Less

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation WYWF, in partnership with ESPC and the Wyoming Council for Women, released a new report entitled The Wage Gap in Wyoming in 2022: How Gender, Race and Ethnicity Affect Pay Equity.

Support Democracy by Supporting Voters!

Members of House Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions will take up HB 75 “Voter fraud” prevention on Wednesday February 24th at 1:30pm—and they need to hear from you! How can you get involved? Comment on the Legislature’s website or sign up to testify. Use the information below to tell lawmakers you oppose this bill. Wyoming should be making voting …

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ESPC’s Position on Delaying the 2021 General Session

November 23, 2020 On November 24, the Wyoming State Legislature’s Management Council will decide whether to postpone the upcoming legislative session—which is scheduled to begin on January 12—until later this spring. As part of that discussion, they’ll consider this recent memo from the Legislative Services Office detailing the staff’s recommendations for postponing the session. Today …

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