People’s Review: LIVE!

What is it?

On the third Thursday of every month, the People’s Review: LIVE! will offer vital information to ensure transparent government, fair elections, and thriving communities. 

The People’s Review: LIVE is an ongoing, interactive, highly accessible, low-cost way for people across Wyoming to engage with ESPC’s mission, Wyoming’s government, pressing current events, subject matter experts, and each other. 

Join us to kick it off!

Been listening to every Legislative meeting? Haven’t heard a thing? Doesn’t matter! Join us! This program will be worthwhile for those who have been able to track the process and “attend” the Special Session—and just as useful for anyone who wants to catch up quickly.

Join ESPC’s Executive Director, Chris Merrill, and Senior Policy Advisor, Jen Simon, to hear more about What’s Going on with Wyoming’s State Government.

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