Gender Lens Project

Upcoming Committee Meetings Through A Gender Lens

August 24, 2020 The Gender Lens Project is designed to shine a light on how policy decisions impact women. There are many, many issues that we could lift up, but we’re focusing on two for right now.

RUN #6: Campaign Finances

August 11, 2020 Kate Debow Hayes of Higher Ground Coaching and Development, Sen. Tara Nethercott, and Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales turned what could have been a dry conversation about managing campaign finances into a deeper and uplifting discussion about the importance of women’s representation in the Equality State.

Run # 5: Lessons Learned on the Campaign Trail

August 4, 2020 The panelists addressed common concerns of campaigning, offered insights for overcoming fears of knocking on doors or asking for money, and shared tips about the day-to-day expectations of campaigning (for example, be prepared to talk policy and platform even on a quick trip to the grocery store).

ESPC Focuses on Women’s Leadership in Wyoming

July 10, 2020 “We just celebrated the 150th anniversary of women’s suffrage in Wyoming, 2020 marks the centennial of the 19th Amendment, and now is an ideal time to look at the complicated history of women’s suffrage and talk about what that legacy means today.”

Women & The Wyoming Legislature

June 6, 2020 “In Wyoming history, only 119 women have won legislative races. Since about half of the state is made up of women, it means they seriously lack representation. It’s an issue that has been discussed for years, though little gets done.”

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