Upcoming Committee Meetings Through A Gender Lens

August 24, 2020

The Gender Lens Project is designed to shine a light on how policy decisions impact women. There are many, many issues that we could lift up, but we’re focusing on two for right now.

Revenue Committee

The Joint Revenue will be reviewing last year’s Essential Health Product Dignity Act SF0086, Ellis. That bill proposed to repeal the Tampon Tax (and likewise end the tax on diapers and adult incontinence products).

It is on the agenda for the morning of August 25.

Two points:

  1. Period Equity filed a lawsuit in Michigan this week contending that the Tampon Tax violates the Equal Protection Clauses in both the US and Michigan Constitutions. 
  2. The CARES Act deemed period products medical necessities eligible for HSA and FSA expenditures. 

This is a complicated topic because the state needs tax revenue, so it is a positive development for them to talk taxes. At the same time, the Tampon Tax is bad for women–and may even be unconstitutional, as per the lawsuit listed above.

Minerals & Economic Development Committee

On August 27th in the afternoon, the Wyoming Council for Women will be testifying and providing a report on their work. This is one of the only times in the year that we get to hear from a women’s group, so it is worth tuning in just for that. And they’re taking public testimony, too. So we’re planning to testify and think that you should, too.

What might you talk about?

Well, this is a well documented She-cession, so there are myriad topics that roll up under that heading, and we aren’t talking nearly enough about how COVID-19 is impacting Wyoming women. For more on what’s happening nationally, there are articles here, here, here, here, and here. Jen’s columns here, here, and here tackle some of it, too.

And the Hawaii Commission on the Status of Women (the Wyoming Council for Women’s Hawaiian counterpart) published this bit proposal earlier in the pandemic:

Building Bridges Not Walking on Backs: A Feminist Economic Recovery Plan for COVID-19

Whatever you choose to talk about, we hope that you’ll get involved. Our legislators need to know how important women are to the future of the Equality State. You can help to remind them.

How to get involved:

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