Women & The Wyoming Legislature

June 6, 2020

Yesterday, Bob Beck tackled a subject that ESPC keeps front of mind with our Gender Lens Project: women’s representation.

Wyoming: First in Women’s Suffrage, Last in Female Representation

“In Wyoming history, only 119 women have won legislative races. Since about half of the state is made up of women, it means they seriously lack representation. It’s an issue that has been discussed for years, though little gets done.”

Chris Merrill is the Director of the Equality State Policy Center. He said the need for women to give their perspective is critical.

“You just need those voices in the room as part of the conversation, or else so many things are never said, never thought of, and the debates are less robust, the policy is less informed, so you want as much as possible to have the legislature represent the population,” said Merrill.

Read the rest of this great article from Bob Beck and Wyoming Public Media here: Wyoming: First in Women’s Suffrage, Last in Female Representation.

Want more?

Check out the recent Wall Street Journal video exploring how Wyoming women reach across the aisle to boost representation.

Interested in learning even more about how to address the lack of women in elected office in the Equality State? Visit Cowgirl Run Fund and read more about why women across the state crossed party lines to found it.

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