2021 General Session Legislative Tracking

The 2021 General Session is underway!

From January 27th through February 5th, the Wyoming 66th will be working committee bills. You can tune in daily to their YouTube channel right here. And you can track their legislative calendar right here.

There are already many hundreds of filed bills. And we have our eye on the ones that affect our mission of fair elections, transparent government, and thriving communities. We’re also tracking bills that impact members of our labor, social justice, and conservation coalition. Take a look at our preliminary list and follow along.

HB10 COVID-19 large business relief program
HB11 – Oil and gas production tax exemption
HB12 – Bond elections
HB26 – Fuel tax
HB32 – Ethics and Disclosure Act amendments
HB55 – Tobacco tax
HB74 – Elected officials-removal
HB75 – “Voter fraud” prevention
HB103 – Journalists – privileged communications
SF16 – New net metering systems
SF17 – Governmental publication requirements
SF20 – Public records-personnel files
SF23 – Public meetings-executive sessions for security plans
SF51 – Community health center and rural health clinic assistance
SF53 – Ground ambulance service provider assessment act
SF58 – Wyoming investment in nursing funding
SF65 – Government waste, fraud and abuse
SJ1 – Taxes to voters

Questions about how the process works and how you can get involved?

Citizen Guide to Wyo Legislature cover image

The Citizen Guide to the Wyoming Legislature is a great place to start.

Our SHAPE citizen lobbyist training is also a great resource—and it’s happening now! Every Monday at 5pm from now until March 15th, you can learn from the experts–virtually and for free! Find out more and register right here.

Just want to know how to testify virtually? Watch this training.

This video from the Wyoming Capitol Club covers special protocol for this COVID-era session.

Don’t want to read the whole Citizen Guide? Here are some key points:

General Protocols for Attending the 2021 General Session

  • Do not attend session in-person if you are sick, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or are under a quarantine order. To the extent possible, maintain a minimum of six feet between others attending session at all times.
  • The public participating in-person during session will be required to comply with public health orders in place at the time of the session.
  • Mask usage is required in the Capitol, per state health orders.
  • Please maintain appropriate social distancing in all committee rooms, galleries, and hallways.
  • Hand sanitizer, face coverings, and temperature scanners are available throughout the Capitol Complex.

Protocols for attending an in-person committee meeting

  • Do not attend a committee meeting in-person if you are sick, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or are under a quarantine order. To the extent possible, please maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • During public comment, if you would like to address the committee, you will be recognized and called on by the chairman.
  • After the chairman has recognized you, please stand and address the chairman (i.e., “Mr./Madam Chairman”). Clearly state your name and the organization you represent when applicable.
  • All comments, questions, and responses must flow through the chairman by addressing the chairman each time you wish to speak.
  • Review Management Council Policy 18-03 Decorum and Civility During Legislative Meetings available at: www.wyoleg.gov.

Protocol for attending a virtual committee meeting

  • All meetings can be viewed on the Legislature’s YouTube channel. You may access by going to www.youtube.com and searching “Wyoming Legislature” or by following the link on www.wyoleg.gov.
  • You can register to participate in the Zoom meeting for each committee by clicking the “testify” button on the Legislature’s Calendar page. Those not wishing to offer testimony are encouraged to watch on the Legislature’s YouTube channel.
  • If you would like to address the committee in the Zoom meeting, use the “raise hand” function at the appropriate time when the chairman calls for public comment.

If you want to provide written materials to the committee

Entities or individuals who wish to submit written materials, please email a completed handout submission form and your documents to each member of the committee, and also email to legdocs@wyoleg.gov. In your email, please include the committee name, meeting date, document author, and document provider.

How do I make an effective presentation to the committee?

  • Prepare a handout with a summary of your points, before you begin, hand out all of the copies to the chairman. NOTE: Due to COVID-19 health protocols and limited staff resources, large floor distributions (e.g., paper handouts) will not be accepted or distributed during the 2021 General Session.
  • Be brief and don’t repeat what another speaker has said. If your statement is similar to previous comments, you may simply state that you agree with a previous speaker.

For the latest information and protocols for attending in-person and virtual meetings, please go to: www.wyoleg.gov/Committees/About

Plus, here’s a quick refresher on how a bill becomes a law.

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