Medicaid expansion

Wyo House leans into expansion

Endorses Medicaid waiver process for 2015

Millions in 2014 funds left on table but 18,000 may see insurance in 2015

Wyoming may yet find a way to take advantage of federal Medicaid funds to bolster the state's health care system, put millions of federal dollars into communities across the state, and improve the quality of life for 18,000 residents currently without health insurance.




The Equality State Policy Center promotes accountability of state and local governments

Civic participation underlies work

The Equality State Policy Center is a progressive “think-and-do tank” that utilizes research, public education and advocacy to advance a cooperative program of work designed to establish and maintain accountability in Wyoming’s state government and to substantially increase public participation in and influence over public-policy decision-making.

The ESPC’s programs fall into three areas: government accountability (open government, campaign finance reform, lobbyist reporting); tax and fiscal policy (mineral severance taxes, property taxes, tax breaks or incentives, economic diversification); and Wyoming working families (access to health care, minimum wage, gender wage gap, worker safety, quality child care).
Across all these program areas, the ESPC provides trainings for citizen advocates and lobbyists to boost public participation and civic engagement in policymaking. We also work to organize low-income communities, especially those home to concentrated populations of American Indians and/or immigrants, to encourage them to raise their voices in the state’s policy circles.
The ESPC’s election-year voter education and mobilization campaigns make historically un- and under-represented voices heard where policy decisions are being made.