The Medicaid Counter adds up Wyoming’s losses

The State of Wyoming’s decision against expanding Medicaid to cover more residents is costing the state economy millions of dollars each month. This counter provides an up-to-the-minute total of dollars foregone by the state since Jan. 1, 2014.

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Vote By Mail Elections for Wyoming?

Written by Brooke NiselyOn September 15th the Joint Interim Corporations Committee met in Saratoga. One topic considered was changing the way Wyoming elections are administered by moving entirely to Vote By Mail (VBM) at the suggestion of the Wyoming County Clerks Association.Currently three states conduct elections solely by mail (Oregon, Washington, and Colorado) and many […]

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Farewell to the ‘Massacre Rule’

Wyoming just took a big step toward improving job safety. On Friday the Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration commission adopted new reporting rules that require employers to inform state safety regulators of any job-related injury that requires the hospitalization of a worker. Previous requirements dictated reporting an incident only if it resulted in the […]

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