Wyoming Women as Economic Drivers

June 16, 2021

ESPC is proud to announce the release of Wyoming Women as Economic Drivers!


This new, nonpartisan report is the result of an ongoing partnership between ESPC, the Wyoming Women’s Foundation and the Wyoming Council for Women and highlights the crucial role of women in the Equality State’s economy.

The report also offers key policy recommendations for ensuring women’s robust participation in Wyoming’s workforce. As Wyoming looks toward a path of economic recovery, policymakers can lead the way in ensuring a statewide workforce that attracts and retains employees equitably, across all sectors. 

Join us at 12 noon on Monday, June 28, for an online discussion with the report’s authors! REGISTER HERE.

  • Jen Simon, Senior Policy Advisor, Equality State Policy Center
  • Rebekah Smith, Director, Wyoming Women’s Foundation
  • Jenny Wilmetti, Board Chair, Wyoming Council for Women
  • (Invited) Moderator Samin Dadelahi, COO, Wyoming Community Foundation

The new report and panel discussion are part of a larger conversation about women’s participation in Wyoming’s workforce, the importance of self-sufficient wages, the future of Wyoming’s economy, and policy recommendations to get us there. There’s a lot to discuss, so watch your inboxes for an invitation to July’s People’s Review: LIVE!

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