RUN #2: Campaigning in the New Normal

July 14, 2020

Jessica Jaubert, director of Three Elephant Public Relations and a veteran campaign manager, laid out an easy-to-follow roadmap in Campaigning in the New Normal, in the second installment of ESPC’s 6-week RUN series.

She offered clear and tangible advice for calculating the number of votes you’ll need to win (check out this handy WIN Number calculator), how to choose a campaign manager (pro-tip: do you have a friend who loves lists and spreadsheets? she might be the one!), how to craft and talk about your platform, how best to use digital and print media to secure more votes, and what you should be thinking about after the election.

Jessica’s first and most important bit of advice if you’re thinking about filing as a candidate? It’s not too late! Filing periods for many offices are open until mid-August. So there’s still time to get your name on the 2020 ballot and run a strong campaign!

And if you’re new to the idea of running, remember that local offices—school board, hospital board, community college board—are great places to start. Especially now, as Wyoming grapples with unprecedented budget deficits and the devastating effects of COVID-19, these offices have considerable power to make a real, meaningful impact on the lives of your neighbors and community members.

The Run Wyoming series is made possible thanks to the Cynthia Hogan Foundation and their dedication to the next generation of Wyoming leaders. 

This free, nonpartisan online leadership training led by all women experts and panelists began July 6 and will run for six weeks every Monday from 5-6 p.m. 

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