Our 2020 Impact Report Is Here!

When all of us here at ESPC paused recently to take stock of what your support accomplished for the people of Wyoming in 2020—a year filled with challenges—we were truly blown away.

I hope you’ll read our inaugural impact report and feel as proud as we are of what you helped us achieve for Wyoming!

I also hope you’ll stay involved. One of the best ways you can do that is by donating to ESPC. (Even better? Become a monthly donor!)

Your generous support keeps us able to provide vital civic engagement and leadership trainings like SHAPE and RUN Wyoming.

Your support ensures we can continue to push for pro-voter policies.

Your support means we can keep bringing our state’s most visionary thinkers and leaders together with nationally renowned experts for the policy discussions that will finally move Wyoming toward a brighter, better future.

The challenges of 2020 didn’t disappear when the calendar changed.

Right now, our staff and coalition members—and many of you—are at the legislature, either in person or on Zoom, fighting hard for a fairer, more just Wyoming. We are inspired by how many of you are contacting your legislators or testifying as you work to expand Medicaid, find sustainable revenue solutions, eliminate voter suppression, and fully fund our schools.

But don’t take our word for it! Check out the impact report and see for yourself the difference we can make—together. Then be sure to support ESPC’s work with a gift today for a better, brighter tomorrow for everyone in Wyoming.

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