Civic Engagement

A good government is transparent and accessible—and relies on robust civic engagement. Through ESPC’s trainings—SHAPE Wyoming for grassroots lobbyists and RUN Wyoming for candidates—we help Wyomingites navigate and engage with elected officials on the issues they care about most. SHAPE Wyoming RUN Wyoming The People’s Review: LIVE!


As a foundational element of our democracy, accountability is often talked about but rarely put into action. When present, our elected officials are responsible to the people they represent. When absent, the integrity and stability of our government is threatened. The power of our government resides in the hands of the people, not the government. …

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Wyoming’s government isn’t always transparent or accessible to the people. Consequently, we use advocacy to support and guide them through the democratic process. We start at the the grassroots level by educating, empowering, and mobilizing people to take action on the issues affecting them the most. Effective advocacy provides a platform to elevate and amplify …

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