ESPC’s Proposal to Improve the Ethics & Disclosure Act

May 4, 2020

Joint Judiciary Interim Committee

RE: Proposed Improvements to the Wyoming Ethics and Disclosure Act

Dear Chairman Nethercott, Chairman Kirkbride, and members of the Joint Judiciary

Interim Committee:

As requested, here is the Equality State Policy Center’s proposal for improving the

Wyoming Ethics and Disclosure Act.

We believe the language in 9-13-106 of this law can be strengthened for the benefit of Wyoming citizens and the Legislature. The language in this section deals most directly with “conflict of interests.”

Below is our proposed starting point for improving 9-13-106. Thank you for considering these recommendations. The proposed language in red is largely based on Alabama state statutes, which we feel provide a good foundation for rethinking Wyoming’s law. Below these proposed changes, I have also included statutory language from several other states that might be helpful in your deliberations.

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