Gender Lens Project: Tracking SF27 Essential health product dignity act

January 19, 2021

If it’s Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the 66th Wyoming Legislature must be getting its committee meetings underway. As part of the Gender Lens Project, we wanted to bring to your attention the Tampon Tax.

SF0027 Essential health product dignity act: AN ACT relating to sales and use taxes; establishing a tax exemption for feminine hygiene products and diapers; and providing for an effective date.

This bill is scheduled for Senate Revenue Committee on Tuesday, January 19. The committee meeting begins at 1:30.

This bill would repeal the sales tax on period products, often called the Tampon Tax. What is the Tampon Tax and why does menstrual equity matter?

Want to dig even deeper?

Bridget Crawford has you covered with her legal research “Period Poverty in a Pandemic: Harnessing Law to Achieve Menstrual Equity” here and “The Unconstitutional Tampon Tax” here.

The ACLU has a toolkit for you.

And check out Teton County’s Period Project, the national legal work of Period Equity, and Tax Free. Period.

Testify Tuesday to repeal the Tampon Tax!

Not up for testifying live? You can always email the members of the Senate Revenue Committee and ask them to support the bill. Their email addresses are linked below. Need more resources? Check out these tips for contacting legislators.

Gender Lens side-note: Yep. Four fifths of the committee discussing the tampon tax are men.

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