About Us

Our Mission

The Equality State Policy Center’s mission is to improve the lives of all Wyoming’s people through transparent government, fair elections, and thriving communities.

Transparent Government

  • is the foundation of a healthy, functioning, durable democracy. We envision a Wyoming where the government is more open, more equitable, and more responsive to its people. A transparent government is essential to achieving this vision.

Fair Elections

  • are the most basic and direct way that we the people exercise our power over the government and, as a result, protect our rights as citizens and bring about policies that benefit the people.

Thriving Communities

  • are fair and just communities that offer a wide range of economic and civic opportunities for their residents regardless of ancestry, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or any other superficial or cultural differences. Justice is achieved when all community members receive equal treatment and due process under the law and have more equal opportunities to flourish.
  • are free and healthy communities that ensure freedom of speech and religion. They support our constitutional rights to assemble, protest, speak our minds, and form private associations such as congregations and clubs. They also maintain a healthy environment for residents that includes clean air and safe drinking water. These communities also provide access to high-quality health care and services.
  • invest in their children and families. They provide access to high-quality education and maintain a social safety net and services for those in need.
  • focus on the quality of life. They educate, attract and retain people of all ages and provide the infrastructure needed for the economy to flourish.
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