Transparent Government

Why does transparency matter?

Government transparency is the foundation of a healthy, functioning, durable democracy.

Why is it central to ESPC’s mission?

We envision a Wyoming where the government is more open, more equitable, and more responsive to its people. A transparent government is essential to achieving this vision. 

What are the benefits of transparent government?

  • Transparency builds trust and encourages public participation. Public feedback is a fundamental ingredient of good government.
  • Transparency is essential for keeping elected officials and government agencies accountable to the people they work for.
  • Transparency allows for a free and open competition of ideas. This leads to better, more informed, timelier, and more forward-looking policy decisions that benefit more people.
  • Transparency is necessary to enable the public to provide robust and continuous feedback, information, ideas, and analysis.
  • Transparency is healthy. It helps us tap into the immense collective knowledge, experience, creativity, and expertise of the people.

Why do we need your help?

  • We’re successful when people like you show up, participate, provide oversight, and apply pressure and encouragement for government officials to do the right thing.
  • This work is a privilege as citizens of a democracy.
  • Our government needs your input!

What are some things you can do?

  • Sign up for our emails to stay informed about opportunities to engage and speak out.
  • Take our SHAPE WYOMING grassroots advocacy training and learn how to engage effectively with elected officials.
  • Take our RUN WYOMING candidate training to learn what it takes to run a successful campaign in Wyoming.
  • Talk to your legislators frequently about the issues that matter most to you! They need to hear from YOU in order to do their jobs well.
  • Run for office! Most elected positions in Wyoming are won by only a tiny margin of votes.
  • Donate to ESPC! Your support helps ESPC travel the state; research and analyze policy positions and proposals; create solutions; build and coordinate powerful coalitions be a year-round good government watchdog; and show up everywhere we need to be to advocate on your behalf. Most of us aren’t able—because of work, health issues, childcare, and so many other responsibilities—to travel the state and advocate year-round. That’s why ESPC exists: to be a constant presence and constant voice for transparent government, fair elections, thriving communities, and the people of Wyoming.
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