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Recap: Who Pays? The Budget Crisis and the Future of Taxes in Wyoming

After decades of relying on mineral extraction to pay for essential government, Wyoming’s long-predicted bust is here, and it’s worse than many leaders anticipated. Now, as COVID-19 deals the state—and the waning fossil fuel industry—an extra blow, Wyoming suddenly finds itself with a $1.5 billion shortfall.

Senator Cale Case, Representative Dan Zwonitzer, House Minority Floor Leader Representative Cathy Connolly, and Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy senior analyst Aidan Davis joined ESPC’s executive director Chris Merrill to explain in stark and candid terms the challenges facing Wyoming as the state grapples with what one panelist called “the worst fiscal crisis in Wyoming’s history.”

Upcoming Committee Meetings Through A Gender Lens

August 24, 2020 The Gender Lens Project is designed to shine a light on how policy decisions impact women. There are many, many issues that we could lift up, but we’re focusing on two for right now.

Upcoming: Action in Wyoming State Government

August 17, 2020 For the next two weeks, it will be fast and furious in the world of Wyoming State Politics. We wanted to offer an overview of the upcoming elections, committee meetings, and the ways that you can GOTV and engage with your state government.

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