Thank You.

March 31, 2021

We wanted to share the same thank you message that Healthy Wyoming offered up on their website in the wake of the historic advances and ultimate defeat of Medicaid expansion in the 66th Wyoming Legislature. Read on.

Say THANK YOU to the Representatives Who Said YES to Medicaid Expansion!

UPDATE 3/24/21: HB 162 PASSED OUT OF THE HOUSE! Check out how your rep. voted today and please send them a note of thanks if they were in support! Ayes:  Representative(s) Banks, Barlow, Brown, Clifford, Connolly, Crago, Duncan, Eklund, Eyre, Harshman, Henderson, Kinner, Larsen, L, Macguire, Martinez, Newsome, Nicholas, Oakley, Obermueller, O’hearn, Olsen, Paxton, Provenza, Roscoe, Schwartz, Sherwood, Sommers, Stith, Sweeney, …