Voting 101



Who Can Vote?

While there is no length of time specified to be qualified as a resident of Wyoming, any resident of Wyoming who has not been convicted of a felony and who is 18 years or older with a valid federal or institutional I.D. is eligible to vote.


How Do I Register?

Wyoming is one of the easiest states to register in! The materials needed when registering to vote include: full legal name, current Wyoming resident address, postal address (if different from resident address), date of birth, Wyoming drivers license number or if lacking a valid Wyoming drivers license, a statement of that effect and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Additionally, University of Wyoming students can vote with a UWYO photo I.D. if it is your first time voting in a federal election.

  1. Ways to Register: To register early you must also vote the same day. Early registration begins September 21st 2018 and continues until the day of the election on November 6th 2018.  To register in person, visit your local county courthouse, even as late as the day you vote. The other way to register is through the mail. If you register by mail before election day, you must also cast your ballot at the same time. Check out the website below to find out more information about your county clerk and the materials needed  to register: Wyoming County Clerk’s

Where and When Can I Vote?:

  1. On Election Day: You can vote anytime between 7am-7pm on the day of the election (November 6th, 2018). Voting locations vary from county to county. Visit the polling place locator to find a location that works best for you:

Wyoming Secretary of State Polling Place Locator

  1. Early Voting: You can vote via mail for early voting  ballots (absentee ballots) whose requirements include currently serving in the military overseas, living internationally with no intention of establishing a permanent residence in that country, or being a dependent or spouse of a person whose circumstances belong in one or both of those categories. Early voting can also be completed in person at your local county courthouse. The Wyoming General Election opens on September 21st 2018 and runs through November 6th, 2018. Voter registration closes for the early voting (absentee voting) on October 22nd, 2018.  


How long does voting take? Voting times vary from place to place, but can range anywhere from five minutes to over an hour depending on the time and place you go. Although polling places are open from 7am to 7pm, as long as you are present in line by the time of closing, you will still be able to cast your vote even past the time of closing.


What if i don’t have time to go vote? Vote early to ensure your voice is heard! Wyoming law requires that citizens have one hour to vote with no repercussions to pay and this hour cannot be alloted during a pre-established lunch break . For more information about citizen’s rights for voting, visit the Wyoming Secretary of State website. See also Early Voting above.

What’s on my ballot? Along with voting for your respective representatives and offices your ballot will also include proposed amendments to the Wyoming constitution and or proposed changes to Wyoming state statutes.

See Example Voting Ballots Here.

Where do I learn about the candidates and issues?

Voter Guides in Local Newspapers, organizations like your respective labor unions and workers associations will endorse candidates, visit candidates pages on Facebook or other social media platforms, your local town hall

ESPC’s The People’s Review:

Vote Smart

On The Issues

Wyoming Secretary of State

Casper Star Tribune

Sweetwater County Voter Guide


What is the difference between a primary and general election?

A primary election is conducted within the Democratic and Republican parties in which the candidates from each party run against each other to determine which candidate will be the nomination of the party to run in the general election. The general election is the election in which a member from each party, and those unaffiliated or non-bi-partisan parties, run against each other for their desired office or position. Only those registered as a Democrat or Republican may vote in the primary election but all registered voters may vote in the general election.  


Do I have to register with a political party?

No, you do not have to register as a Democrat or Republican when registering to vote. When registering you may register as Democrat, Republican or Unaffiliated. In order to vote in a primary election you must register as a Democrat or Republican and as unaffiliated you may only vote in the general election.