On November 8th #WeVoteWyoming. #VotamosWyoming  

If you have any problems voting, contact us on the voter hotline at 307.314.2258. 

Si se presente cualquiera problema, contáctanos al 307.314.2258.

I received a letter from my clerk requiring me to prove citizenship to vote. What do I do? You should take your citizenship documents like passport or naturalization papers to your County Clerk immediately to protect your right to vote. If you plan to vote at the polls on November 8th and you’re a naturalized citizen, we reccomend you take those documents along as well. If you run into any problems or for any reason aren’t able to produce the documents, contact us immediately at 307.314.2258.

Eres ciudadano o ciudadana de los Estados Unidos? Recibiste una carta del secretario de tu condado que requería documentos de ciudadanía para poder continuar registrado o registrada para votar? Debes llevar tus documentos de ciudadanía como pasaporte o carta de naturalización al secretario del condado (County Clerk) inmediatamente para proteger tu derecho a votar.

Si planeas votar el 8 de Noviembre y eres ciudadano naturalizado, recomendamos que también lleves tus documentos a las urnas de votación. Si se presente cualquiera problema, contáctanos al 307.314.2258.

I’m not registered to vote. How do I do it? There are two ways to register to the vote: In person, by mail, on Election Day.

  • ON ELECTION DAY: You can register to vote at the polls on Election Day, but you’ll need to go to the correct polling location. Click here to find your polling place. If this is your first time voting, don’t forget to take identification (Wyoming Driver’s license is preferred) but other forms like a passport, tribal ID, and military ID are accepted. Here’s more specific information on identification forms that can be used.

  • IN PERSON: The most straightforward way to register is in person. You can either go your county clerk’s office before Election Day or go to your polling place on Election Day and register at the polls. Don’t forget to take a valid ID (they prefer Wyoming Driver’s license) but other forms like a passport, tribal ID, and military ID are accepted. Click here for the form and detailed instructions. Click here for a list of County Clerks across Wyoming.

  • BY MAIL: If you can’t go to the clerk’s office in person you can register through the mail. You’ll need to have the form notarized and submit copies of your identification. Here’s the form and instructions. Registration closes November 25th, so only use this method if you have plenty of time and follow-up with the clerk to make sure they received your form and there are not problems.

I voted a while ago, am I still registered? No, you most likely are not still registered. Inactive voters are regularly removed from the rolls in Wyoming so you’ll need to register again.  If you’ve moved or changed your name, you’ll need to update your registration with the County Clerk. Check out the question above about registering.

I’m registered, but where do I vote? Use the tool below to find your polling place where you’ll cast your ballot on Election Day (November 8th). The polls are open from 7 AM -7 PM. If you can’t participate on Election Day, you can vote early at your County Clerk’s office during business hours. 

I can’t make it to the polls on election day. Does this mean I can’t vote? No! You can and should still plan to vote. You’ll need to sign up to vote absentee through your County Clerk. Voters can vote an absentee ballot in person in the office of the county clerk or by mail 40 days before an election. Click here for a list of County Clerks across Wyoming. Don’t forget to give it enough time to arrive in the mail. Absentee ballots must be received by the County Clerk no later than 7:00 p.m. on Election Day and can be returned in-person to the County Clerk as well.

I don’t know who to vote for. Where can I find more information on candidates?   Check out the following sources for information on candidates:

How do I even know who will be on my ballot? Your local county clerk will have the information of who will be on the ballot.  Here’s a complete list of Wyoming county clerks.  You can contact your local clerk to see all the offices that will be on your ballot.