Letter to the Editor Kit

Despite the rise of electronic media with the internet, in Wyoming, newspapers continue to be one of the most effective methods to raise public awareness of issues and other developments in the public arena. Letters to the editor consistently attract more readers than any other part of the paper. That means you can get reach many people while exercising control over your message. Be sure to know and follow each newspaper’s guidelines, especially the word limit. Remember that in nearly every case, short, concisely worded letters get more readers. Take the time to contact the person who handles and edits letters at the newspaper where you will submit your letter. When you send a letter for publication, call that letters editor and confirm receipt, especially if you submit the letter electronically. The Wyoming Press Association provides a list of its member newspapers. Download the Equality State Policy Center’s Letters to the Editor kit, which includes tips to help you write your letter and contact information for most newspapers in the state.