Issue Fact Sheets

You don’t want to jump into an argument without the essential facts. The Equality State Policy Center will develop “issue fact sheets” on current issues of importance to us and our friends. These sheets will lay out essential background and basic facts. They will note how to track developments and the resolution of the issue or, perhaps, the lack of resolution. The sheets also will suggest how Wyoming residents can make a difference, whether by contacting a legislator, writing a letter to the editor, or otherwise joining in the discussion of the issue. We’ll keep them short, so many of the sheets will suggest other sources of information about the issue, usually in the form of internet links to web sites but also to other publications that will help shed light on the matter. Insurance Exchange Fact Sheet Brief for 2014 Legislative candidates – Using Medicaid to close the coverage gap Medicaid Expansion Fact Sheet Minimum Wage Fact Sheet Public Pension Fact Sheet