The Wyoming 2010 LAP* Book

The Wyoming LAP* Book provides the general public with easily accessible information on the votes that legislators cast on many important issues facing the state, as well as data on the campaign contributions these legislators received. During the 2010 legislative session, the ESPC posted occasional blogs on happenings of particular interest in the Equality State Watch Blog. Click on the bill name to go to an ESPC description of the bill, which in turn will link you to additional information on the Legislative Service Office’s website.

Bill Index


HB 61: Legal services funding

Taxation & Revenue

HB 29: Taxation of Specified Digital Products HB 49: Manufacturing sales and use tax exemption HB 67: Data processing center – sales/use tax exemption HB 115: Specific purpose excise tax – voter petition

Wildlife & Environment

HB 17: Carbon Sequestration – Financial Assurances and Regulation HB 18: Aquatic Invasive Species – 2 HB 72: Regulation of Wind Energy Facilities HB 78: Natural Gas – Taxation HB 97: Nuclear Energy Production Study

Worker & Public Safety

HB 21: Minimum Wage HB 93: OSHA Penalties SF 61: Health insurance reform – 2