The Wyoming LAP* Book – 2009 Bill Index

The Wyoming LAP* Book provides the general public with easily accessible information on the votes that legislators cast on many important issues facing the state, as well as data on the campaign contributions these legislators received.

Click on the bill name to go to an ESPC description of the bill, which in turn will link you to additional information on the Legislative Service Office’s website.

Bill Index


SF 12: Campaign Contributions

Health & Human Services

SF 39: Child Health Insurance Program

Fact sheet on SF 39, Child Health Insurance Program

SF 43: Health Care Access Project Design.pdf

Taxation & Revenue

HB 68: Property Tax Homestead Exemption

HB 68: Effect on Property Taxes, Compaison A

HB 87: Property tax assessment 2

HB 234: Property tax – assessed value

HB 287 Helium – property tax

SF 55: Property Tax – Assessment Rate

Worker & Public Safety

HB 54 Workers’ Compensation Amendments

Fact sheet on HB 54 Workers’ Compensation Amendments

Analysis of Cost of Living Adjustment for Permanent Total Disability (PTD)

Analysis of Pro Rata Recovery Provision