Select Committee on Legislative Facilities, Technology, and Process

During the 2017 General Legislative Session, the Wyoming State Legislature prevented Recording Legislative and Other Meetings (HB 276) from reaching the Governor’s desk and becoming law. This bill was designed to increase government transparency by requiring interim committee meeting be recorded and archived for public access.

This simple act of transparency would have dramatically increased the public’s access to the decision making process during the interim period, a time period often forgotten and overlooked but one that is vital to understanding the decisions made during the traditional legislative session.

A transparent government is the foundation of a healthy democracy – it maintains integrity of our democratic process while increasing participation and building trust with the public. In order to influence the decision making process at the legislature, the people of Wyoming need all the necessary information, tools, and resources at their disposal, starting with access to the discussion our legislators have during the interim period.

Over the summer, the Equality State Policy Center and people across Wyoming have been pressuring our legislators to reconsider their failure to pass this measure in the 2017 session. Because of these efforts, we now have an opportunity to move this measure forward!

On Wednesday, November 8th, the Select Committee On Legislative Facilities, Technology, and Process will be in Cheyenne to hear proposals on how to live stream and archive interim committee meetings for public access. This is the first step in getting this measure put into practice and we need your help to get us over the finish line! Commit today to sending a letter/email to the Committee to voice your support or attending the Committee Meeting to testify in support of this simple measure to increase transparent government by volunteering with the ESPC here.

Expect an individual follow up from our staff once you have made the commitment to take action in support of this measure and transparent government. We’ll be in touch!

Learn more about this event here.