The Equality State Policy Center — People

Wyoming anti HB 74 protestersThe Equality State Policy Center’s activities are directed by a board comprised of representatives from each member organization. The ESPC also relies on the citizens of Wyoming to identify issues of significant importance to working families, particularly concerning government accountability, civic participation, health care and the economics of life in the Equality State. The Equality State Policy Center was founded in 1993 from a predecessor coalition, the Wyoming Alliance for Accountable Government. The original coalition was established around a common and compelling need to empower citizens to regain influence in policy making in a political climate increasingly skewed to satisfy the demands of special interests exploiting the state’s natural resources. The ESPC has grown from a handful of groups to a 30-member coalition including all of Wyoming’s major conservation groups, labor unions and several civil and social justice organizations. The ESPC also is continually building its grassroots base, which already includes several hundred individual donors and volunteers. We have been dubbed by the local media as Wyoming’s “good government watchdog” and have earned a reputation as the “go-to” source of information on issues involving accountability, taxes, and overall quality of life for Wyoming residents. The Equality State Policy Center remains committed to serving as an independent voice for Wyoming people. From working people to the elderly, immigrants, tribal members, and the LGBTQ community, the ESPC works to make certain that state policymakers hear the voices of all the people in Wyoming, especially those who don’t have the power of large corporations or expensive lobbyists behind them. If you would like to join them, please sign up for our email alert list and consider contributing to our work. All donations help but a small automatic monthly contribution is easy to do and will help us build the coalition’s financial self-sufficiency.