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ESPC & ACLU: Cease-and-Desist Unconstitutional Policy Discriminating Against Wyoming Voters

CHEYENNE, WY – The Equality State Policy Center (ESPC) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) delivered a cease-and-desist letter to Wyoming Secretary of State Ed Murray on Friday morning urging him to immediately end the discriminatory and unconstitutional policy of suspending the right to vote for an unknown number of Wyoming citizens. 

 The letter highlights the discriminatory practice by the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office, which violates both the United States Constitution and Wyoming Statute. It quotes the 2014 ruling McCutcheon v. FEC saying, “There is no right more basic in our democracy than the right to participate in electing our political leaders…” and the 2006 case Boustani v. Blackwell asserting,There is no such thing as a second-class citizen or a second-class American.”

“Every eligible Wyomingite that wants to vote, should be able to,” said Bri Jones with the Equality State Policy Center. “We’ve set up a Voter Hotline at (307) 314-2258. Anyone that encounters a problem casting a ballot early, absentee, or on Election Day should call the hotline immediately.”

Voters can cast ballots early at their County Clerk’s office or on Election Day next Tuesday, November 8th from 7 AM – 7 PM. A polling place locator and additional information can be found at

The full letter can be accessed here.

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