Election 2012 canvassing

This van will ferry Wind River Reservation voters to the polls Nov. 6.

ESPC canvasses many communities

Volunteers hit streets on reservation, 5 other towns

Jeralee speaks with a north Casper voter

Cindy Rumph speaks with James Ibarra while canvassing Oct. 27 in north Casper.

Volunteers helped the ESPC canvass neighborhoods across the state in October with an extra push over the last weekend before the Nov. 6 election. In Casper, volunteers walked the central streets of Precinct 1-1, north Casper, on Saturday and planned to get out again on Monday. Canvassers have pushed hard on the Wind River Reservation, too, working in Fort Washakie, Ethete, Arapahoe and in the Beaver Creek subdivision. Volunteers also knocked on doors in south Cheyenne, southside Rawlins, central Rock Springs, and in south Torrington, all with goal of raising resident voices through the most fundamental principle of all democracies: voting. We’ve passed out Voter Empowerment cards to many of the people we’ve talked with. These were produced by the Wyoming chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. They’re very helpful people. If you have any questions or problems voting tomorrow, contact the ACLU of Wyoming, 307-637-4565. You can also reach the ACLU Voting Rights Project at 877-523-2792. So, remember to vote. You don’t have to be registered because in Wyoming, qualified citizens can register at the polls on Election Day. You can locate your polling place via the Secretary of State’s website. We’ll put up other photos as we get them, but here’s a sampling:

Volunteers Jacqueline Bowlus and Dave Throgmorton canvassed in Rawlins over the weekend.Nurieh Glasgow leaves a door hanger. Daughter Anna rides behind.

Cindy Rumph speaks with James Ibarra while canvassing Oct. 27 in north Casper.

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