Welcome to our new website!

Ah, if you’re reading this it means our new website is live on the World Wide Web, also known to some of my friends as “the Internets.” We believe the new site will enable us to disseminate information about Wyoming policy matters more quickly than in the past and to assist our friends as they join the debate.

Some highlights:

  1. We’ve added a Take Action section. It provides information about the issues and suggests ideas for influencing the policy makers who will make the decisions. We’ll develop issue fact sheets and make these available to help people analyze an issue and put together thoughtful comments that they can deliver to directly to the decision-makers or offer to the public-at-large through letters to the editor or in other public forums.
  2. The new site will help us develop our alert list. You can easily sign up for the alerts. Having an accurate alert list will allow us to quickly contact interested people to let them know when an important issue is nearing a decision point and when public action is most effective. This will be particularly important during the legislative session.
  3. You’ll be able to track at least some of the news stories about the Equality State Policy Center and the issues we’re involved with. With communities scattered so widely, there are some stories that get play in one region of Wyoming but nowhere else.
It will still be possible to access archived materials via the Internets. There are parts of the first ESPC website that no long have active links. We’re sorry about that but we just don’t have the resources to keep everything running. That’s one of the things we decided we could sacrifice. We hope you’ll find the site easy to use. If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know. We will continue to make improvements to the site and to add more materials in the weeks and months ahead. Please help us spread the word about the Equality State Policy Center and its work. Ask friends to take a look. We still run into people who don’t know about us but who like our goals and approaches to reach them. If we want the political climate to shift more towards the philosophical middle, we’re all going to have to join the debate and add our voices. The ESPC can help and will remain an independent voice for the people of Wyoming.

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